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OneContact have partnered with the Thankyou Group to flip consumerism and change the world.

OneContact has recently partnered with ThankyouTM providing our call centre services through their “No Small Plan” initiative to take the Thankyou brand to the world, calling on the support of the world’s largest companies ‘Unilever’ and ‘Procter & ‘Gamble’.

Thankyou is an Australian social enterprise, with a vision of “a world where not one person lives in extreme poverty”. Thankyou is tackling this issue using their “100% model”. That is, all the profit Thankyou generate from the sales of their water, body care, and food products, (after allowing for the current and future costs of business) are distributed around the world to exponentially amplify the impact of charitable partners serving the world’s poor, providing safe water, hygiene, sanitation, and food security programs in 16 different countries.

Ending Extreme Poverty

To date, the Thankyou Group has raised $17 million AUD for the Thankyou Charitable Trust. Right now, there are 736 million people stuck in extreme poverty. Meanwhile, globally we’re spending $63 trillion on consumer products each year.

OneContact and Thankyou believe it’s an injustice that shouldn’t exist. But it does exist because the system is failing and it’s time for it to change. This is where OneContact and Thankyou need your help. To change the world, we must first flip the system.

Thankyou is offering the world a consumer choice that exists solely to help end extreme poverty.

If this campaign works, Thankyou could reach 190 more countries, and together, we could change the course of history and see millions of consumer dollars going towards ending extreme poverty in our lifetime. It’s no small plan. Which is why they need you.

Invitation to flip consumerism. For good.

Thankyou has just sent a partnership invitation to two of the world’s biggest companies – who right now, are also their biggest competitors.

These companies are Proctor & Gamble and Unilever. They make, distribute and, sell hundreds of brands and billions of products every day – and Thankyou have arranged meetings with them both in two weeks. Thankyou is going to ask them to change the world, by joining them in making and distributing Thankyou products globally and flip consumerism, for good.

If they say yes, together we could change millions of lives.

How do we get them on board?

That’s where this plan needs you. For P&G and Unilever to say, ‘I’m in’ and work with us to flip the system, they need to see the collective power of the many people who believe in the change. A global movement of people who back this idea. OneContact encourages you to join us and show your support. Jump on social media and follow these steps!


‘I’m in, are you?’


@proctergamble and @unilever




This video to help this idea spread even further.

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