The benefits of a Successful Mobile Campaign for your Business

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Smartphone penetration has never been more prevalent and accordingly, mobile marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Mobile is the most immediate communication channel for the majority of our clients, offering the ability to connect with their customers and supporters at any time. Read on to find out the benefits of a successful mobile campaign.


Transactional Message

When a person orders online, follow up emails are sent to confirm order details. These emails are not always read. Yet, we have an opportunity to send this same message directly to their phone.


It has been found that 99% of SMS messages are opened as opposed to around 28% for emails! For important information that you want your customers to see, include it in your mobile campaign. Make sure your message communicates your brand values and promotes your business campaigns.


Confirmation Messages

When a person signs up for an event online, an SMS message can be sent to confirm their attendance and again when it’s time to remind them about the forthcoming event. It’s imperative that a subscriber or a customer receives a confirmation message once they have opted for a campaign. Confirmation messages can be easily sent when they opt-in to receive text messages and are interested in the services provided by the business.


Triggering Messages

When your customer signs up for a newsletter or clicks on a specific link, it can trigger your mobile campaign to send them a message. These messages can be timed and is particularly useful for online stores where a transaction wasn’t completed. Just send them a reminder for them to complete their order a day or two later.


Triggered messages are useful to maintain a strong relationship with your active and loyal users by encouraging them to stick around and keep being engaged with your brand.


Reminder Messages

For charities, reminder text messages can be used to prompt your supporters to make a payment, visit your website, attend a local event, or participate in a charitable activity.


Reminder messages ensures that your customers don’t forget about the event or activities they signed up for. Reminder messages allows your customers to receive text messages whenever an appointment is scheduled, rescheduled, or cancelled, and prior to appointments taking place.


Make It Personal

Adding a conversational touch or even using the recipient’s name personalises and enhances the feel of your message.


We continue to expand our mobile capabilities to ensure that you’re able to maximise this vital communication platform. Whether it’s an immediate confirmation of a sale or used to prompt a supporter to make payment, SMS messages are an affordable way to connect with your supporters.

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