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Did you know that 95% of customers who have connected with a brand did so using their mobile? With people being more and more occupied by their smartphones, there is an opportunity for you to promote to and communicate with your customers using this medium. SMS marketing is an effective alternative to the traditional modes of B2C (and even B2B) communication.

Instant deliverability

The average time for an SMS to reach the recipient is about 7 seconds, meaning you will reach your target group almost immediately! This gives you one of the greatest benefit of SMS-Marketing; it’s time sensitive. No matter if you want to write a thank you message or a personal and time limited offer, your customer will receive and most likely read your message immediately.

Higher open rates

With email marketing, a 20-30% open rate is considered good. Keeping this in mind, SMS messages reach an opening rate of around 90%. Some even get opened automatically depending on the type of phone your customers have. This kind of reception is of great benefit for you as it is almost guaranteed that your message will be read.


SMS marketing is super flexible in many ways. You can inform your entire customer base or just reach a segmented group for a promotional message or a quick industry update. There are no boundaries in this regard. Having no need for internet connection is one of the key-benefits of SMS Marketing, as you will reach your customers everywhere. You can also easily integrate SMS with your other marketing activities.

Limitless potential

SMS marketing can be a key-point to keeping long-term clients. SMS messages are personal and will give your company a voice without being demanding. This could be, for example, a “thank-you-message” after a sale. These messages are almost guaranteed to be read. SMS messages are so short that before your customer can decide if they should delete it, they have already read the 160-character message! The messages are straight to the point and unlike emails, there’s no risk of SMS messages being stuck in a spam folder. With SMS, your message goes straight to the pockets of your customers.

High response rate

Another benefit of SMS business communication is the remarkably high response rate. With SMS, your customers are able to instantly respond to you, so you’ll know sooner if they’re happy with your products/services or not. The Opt-in and Opt-out function of SMS also ensures the highest possible customer satisfaction and SMS marketing presents a great chance for your business to generate word of mouth.

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