Smart Messaging

Social messaging through WhatsApp, Facebook, in-app and more. Get connected in the moments that matter.

What is Smart Messaging Platform?


Smart Messaging Platform enables corporates and non-profit organisations to better manage their user engagement over a variety communication channels comprising SMS, Voice Call, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Business. Powered by the advanced Telin NeuAPIX platform, SiNG uses easy yet powerful drag-and-drop technology to produce APIs that are designed to support secure and efficient communications related to SMS campaigns, Voice campaigns, and WhatsApp Business campaigns. Innovation is what we strive for, by building new features with our clients in mind. Our products are designed by us, but refined by our customers.

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Deliver Rich Messaging Experiences

OneContact’s Smart Messaging Platform provides the next evolution of messaging. Message platforms such as WhatsApp offer full multimedia content like hi-res photos, videos and audio messages. Additional features that are possible include geo-fencing, mapping directions, location sharing, group chat and reply buttons. New emerging channels will be added as they become available. Our messaging API makes it easy for integration with social chat apps and SMS.


 Send notifications, customer service messages and essential information your customers need on Whatsapp. Our APIs hide the complexity of hosting and scaling software so you can focus on elevating customer experiences.

Facebook Messenger

 With over 1.3 billion users globally, Facebook Messenger is the perfect platform to broaden your reach and expand your interactions. Send your customers tickets, QR codes, images, make a phone call or interact with video. Whatever the method, Facebook Messenger provides you with the ability to have a more engaging customer relationship.


 Send messages at lightning speed through our global tier 1 network for the best quality and scalability in the market. Our patented Adaptive Routing algorithm boosts delivery rates to far surpass industry standards. We’re providing Australian business with the tools that are powering the businesses of tomorrow.


Features & Capabilities


Real-Time Insights

Understand your customer preferences and gain a better understanding of your ROI with delivery callbacks.

High Delivery Rates

Optimize delivery rates to ensure that your messages are sent, delivered and read with capabilities that surpass the competitors.

Enhanced Messages

Compliment your messages with powerful branded images that resonate with your customers.

Global Infrastructure

OneContact connects directly to global tier 1 networks for the best quality and scalability in the market.

Offline Syncs

With built in caching, messages are saved, sent and received when your device is back online.

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