Roambee Solution

Roambee Solution

On-demand Goods and Asset monitoring Solutions ​

Indoors l Outdoors l In-transit

Values & Benefit for You

  • Integrated business

Operate with confidence. Roambee solution keeps an eye on your shipment anywhere in the world whether the shipment is in your facilities, in transit, or in any storage or sorting facilities.

  • 24×7 support

Our 24 hour Network Management Team ensures that the Service runs smoothly round-the-clock every day.

  • More than just monitoring

Roambee Solution gives you plenty of information on how the shipment of the assets are being processed while providing you with valuable and actionable data for improvements or any related incident handling activates.

  • Faster time-to-act on handling any anomaly or incident
  • Improve productivity by using real-time and more accurate data
  • Easily track shipment live conditions
  • Powered by the international standardization, such as; NIST Certification, Flight Safe (RTCA), Industry Compliant (CE marking FDA, FCC marking)

Our service option

  • Shipment Monitoring
    • Multimodal Shipment Tracking
    • Cold Chain Monitoring
    • Spoilage Monitoring
    • Damage Monitoring
    • Truck & Container Security
  • Inventory Monitoring
  • Returnable Asset Monitoring
  • Field Asset Monitoring

How It Works

  • Book

We deliver wire-free, hassle-free, and CAPEX-free tracking tags wherever you need them; these long-lasting, direct-to-cloud tags work primarily on LPWAN networks or on cellular as backup

  • Attach

Tag returnable assets like bins, totes, drums, monotainers, ULDs, and containers which configure waypoints on a map through a web or mobile browser. No readers, antennas, or facility infrastructure!

  • Use

Let our platform and control tower combine live sensor data with AI-enabled analytics and automation to implement the best course of action for your returnable asset operations.

  • Return

Tag and track all your assets in a matter of days without any need of support; scale up to cope with spikes in demand, or wind down when business is slow, either way, you pay as you go.

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