Service Bundles

Service Bundles

Our value bundles provide you with an inbound call answering service based on your organisation's needs.


Value Bundle

A cost-effective way to handle a small call volume without hiring a full-time employee. The Value Bundle offers a full suite of services that include building FAQs for our customer service team, data capture, and access to your own Dashboard login – offering you Total Transparency to your campaigns. Ideal for a small organisation looking to save money and maximise productivity.

For any mid-tier organisation

Premium Bundle

Offering more minutes than the Value Bundle with all the benefits, the Premium Bundle is perfect for mid-tiered organisations on the rise. Your calls will be answered by our friendly and professional staff, along with full call recordings, data capture and access to our Dashboard.

One-stop call centre solution

Executive Bundle

Everything you could ever need from a call answering service. OneContact will provide you with a one-stop call centre solution, with the added perk of bespoke reporting, plus all the benefits of the Value and Premium Bundles. Suitable for established organisations with a steady call volume.

Bespoke solutions

Larger organisation?

We offer bespoke solutions for larger organisations – speak to us today and we can offer you services that meet your business’ needs.

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