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As a member of the Telin Group (both an investor and partner to Roambee) OneContact recently joined Roambee as their trusted representative for Australia and New Zealand.

About Roambee

Roambee puts you in control of goods and assets with purposefully built sensor hardware, cloud data analytics, and automation – for reliable monitoring and response – indoors, outdoors, and in-transit thereby bringing visibility to your supply chain and logistics challenges. There are no sensors to purchase or manage; you only pay for what you monitor.

More than 300 global enterprises have chosen Roambee to improve product velocity, compress order-to-cash cycles, and forecast demand accurately. We are continuously investing in AI and data analytics to make trusted business recommendations. Our cloud platform is powered by purposefully built multi-sensor IoT hardware and clever use of global connectivity options to monitor at scale, while Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates processes for transparent business operations. With a 60+ strong global partner network, Roambee has created a strong business eco-system for visibility.

Roambee headquarters is situated in Silicon Valley, USA with regional offices in Mexico, Brazil, UK, Germany, UAE, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and now in thanks to OneContact we are in Australia and New Zealand to service our worldwide customer and partner base.

On-Demand Logistics Visibility Solution

Today, businesses are under growing pressure to build and maintain a lean, resilient, and still high-performing supply chain. Customers are increasingly demanding real-time updates, and multimodal shipments across multiple transporters are too complex to provide it effectively with just aggregated data streams.

The performance of your supply chain is a result of the sum of countless individual decisions. Manufacturers, producers, and transporters of goods and assets must often answer: How do we ensure the safety and quality of our shipments in transit? How do we improve turn-around-times? How do we better manage our inventory with less available people? How do we decide which lanes and transporters to use for best performance and security?

Optimal supply chain execution decisions are made using timely and insightful signals generated from your shipments,

inventory, and assets interacting with the current and modeled (i.e. predicted) real-world environment. The most meaningful signals require the best data as inputs: accurate, granular, and timely. Leverage the power of Roambeeā€™s fullstack

logistics visibility solution, featuring on-demand IoT sensors and curated data streams communicating in real-time with our AI-enabled platform and apps for access to the best data, triggering the most meaningful signals, ultimately enabling you to make optimal supply chain execution decisions.

See for yourself how Roambee can be your partner in building a better supply chain.

For more information on Roambee call OneContact on 1800 377 000, or email us.

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