Common Inbound Contact Centre Services that Businesses Today Need

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Upholding an effective channel of communication with clients is important for any business and helps to make customers feel welcome and valued.

Efficient and prompt inbound customer care from customer service representatives who really understand your product or service is just as important as having a great product or service. Inbound contact centre services relieve operational and infrastructural costs drastically, which is beneficial for any organisation as it increases customer satisfaction.

Customer service

When a customer calls your company with a service request or an inquiry, customer service operators help them with their queries. Whether it’s a reservation, enrollment, an ordering issue or another request, professionally trained customer service agents know how to address these requests. Excellent customer service is the backbone of a successful business.

Answering service

Answering your clients’ queries is an incredibly vital task! To free up your internal staff members, consider outsourcing your answering service. This will save you time and money and ensure that your customers are receiving the care that they need.

Inquiry handling

Inquiry handling is the key function of any inbound contact centre. Detailed information regarding a particular product or service is provided so that the customer’s enquiry can be answered in a satisfactory manner. The inbound contact centre offers all the information that a customer requires, through the intricate understanding of the products and services. Inbound contact centres facilitate businesses to reach out to customers and can immediately resolve any issues.

Sales lead qualification

Increasing Qualified Sales Leads in your organisation is challenging. As your business is growing, so are the increasing demands to hit your sales goal. For your sales funnel to grow, it is essential to generate highly qualified sales leads through business to business (B2B) telemarketing.

Our experts at OneContact will assist in generating qualified sales leads that will meet and exceed your expectations and increase your sales.

Helpdesk solution

The ever-increasing customer expectations and demands call for a prompt response together with an exceptional quality of service. In any business, the help desk is the central hub through which any problems and issues are reported and resolved. Businesses need a help desk with built-in call centre capabilities. Inbound contact centres provide solutions to customers and provides a superior customer service.

Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing aims to arouse an immediate response from a customer, such as being directed to a website, picking up the phone to call for more information or placing an order. Inbound contact centres help support direct response marketing by being available to answer calls and queries from customers. The person handling incoming calls must be efficient and able to handle conversations in an appropriate manner. These skills are developed during our thorough training process.


OneContact represents your brand name at all times and ensures that your customers will keep coming back to your business.

Here at OneContact, we place a large emphasis on high quality and continuous improvement of our inbound contact centre services. Our high-tech infrastructure, skilled call centre professionals and usage of latest telecommunication software helps us to provide quick and efficient contact centre support and phone answering services 24/7 that are specifically designed for your customers.

Representatives in our contact centre have undergone thorough training, which helps them to understand your systems, processes, needs and requirements. Our inbound contact centre services provide everything that your business could need, such as customer service, order taking, billing inquiries, customer care, telesales and resolving problems. We boost your customer care, which in turn helps you to focus on critical issues and for you to enjoy the cost savings and benefits.

OneContact caters to your individual needs and requirements and we are committed to working as your partner to realise your business goals. For further information, contact us today!

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