The benefits of a Successful Mobile Campaign for your Business

Smartphone penetration has never been more prevalent and accordingly, mobile marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Mobile is the most immediate communication channel for the majority of our clients, offering the ability to connect with their customers and supporters at any time. Read on to find out the benefits of a successful mobile campaign.


Transactional Message

When a person orders online, follow up emails are sent to confirm order details. These emails are not always read. Yet, we have an opportunity to send this same message directly to their phone.


It has been found that 99% of SMS messages are opened as opposed to around 28% for emails! For important information that you want your customers to see, include it in your mobile campaign. Make sure your message communicates your brand values and promotes your business campaigns.


Confirmation Messages

When a person signs up for an event online, an SMS message can be sent to confirm their attendance and again when it’s time to remind them about the forthcoming event. It’s imperative that a subscriber or a customer receives a confirmation message once they have opted for a campaign. Confirmation messages can be easily sent when they opt-in to receive text messages and are interested in the services provided by the business.


Triggering Messages

When your customer signs up for a newsletter or clicks on a specific link, it can trigger your mobile campaign to send them a message. These messages can be timed and is particularly useful for online stores where a transaction wasn’t completed. Just send them a reminder for them to complete their order a day or two later.


Triggered messages are useful to maintain a strong relationship with your active and loyal users by encouraging them to stick around and keep being engaged with your brand.


Reminder Messages

For charities, reminder text messages can be used to prompt your supporters to make a payment, visit your website, attend a local event, or participate in a charitable activity.


Reminder messages ensures that your customers don’t forget about the event or activities they signed up for. Reminder messages allows your customers to receive text messages whenever an appointment is scheduled, rescheduled, or cancelled, and prior to appointments taking place.


Make It Personal

Adding a conversational touch or even using the recipient’s name personalises and enhances the feel of your message.


We continue to expand our mobile capabilities to ensure that you’re able to maximise this vital communication platform. Whether it’s an immediate confirmation of a sale or used to prompt a supporter to make payment, SMS messages are an affordable way to connect with your supporters.

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Introducing our new reporting platform

Reporting is incredibly important for all businesses. A key facet of any campaign is the ability to understand what’s working, what could be better, and then responding swiftly to changing client needs. This is why transparent and customised reporting forms a fundamental part of everything we do. To further enhance our current reporting offering, we are pleased to introduce our new Reporting Platform! The best part about our new platform is that it has the capability to show you 100% live data at any time. So, you can see how your campaign is tracking whenever you want.

Thorough reporting and transparency are crucial to the success of all campaigns, which is something that we strongly believe in. Because of this, our new reporting platform focuses on the metrics that you need to see how your campaign is performing. With a focus on total transparency, we are confident that our new reporting platform will provide businesses with 100% visibility across all campaigns.


It covers 100% live data, so you can see exactly what is happening with your campaign and in real time.

Our new reporting platform covers a number of key areas so you can easily see where your money is going.

These features include:

With our reporting platform, you’ll receive reports that give the greatest level of transparency to ensure you always have an accurate understanding of your campaign’s performance. With your own personal login, you can access your business’s reports at the touch of a button. Whether its reviewing the performance of a current campaign or reviewing banking reports from previous campaigns, you can rest assured knowing that all the relevant information is safely saved in the one location.

To help you keep track of your campaigns month-on-month, you can access monthly reports that have an overview of how much was spent, where the dollars went, which days of the week were more active than others and more. These metrics allow you to properly analyse the performance of your campaign and make any tweaks as necessary.

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Top reasons to outsource your customer service

When it comes to customer care, there are many challenges that you can face. As customer satisfaction is integral to the smooth operation of any business, it’s important to make sure your customers are dealt with swiftly and treated with the utmost respect. Often, it can take a lot of time, money and resources to train an internal team to respond to customer concerns and queries. Instead, consider outsourcing your customer care and utilising the existing skills and expertise of these teams.

Since 2002, we’ve been handling customer service for our clients and have come across many benefits that this brings for companies. Read on for our list of top benefits for outsourcing your customer support.

Cost efficiency

To train and manage an internal customer care team, you are spending a lot more than just money. Outsourcing your customer service instead will actually save you time, money and resources, freeing up your budget and your staff members for other activities.

Focus on your core business

By hiring an external customer support team, your staff members are free to focus on your core business with the peace of mind that your customers are well taken care of. Instead of dealing with the day-to-day queries and concerns of you customers, specially trained customer service officers can handle this process for you.

Risk Management

At OneContact, we work hard to ensure that the calibre and skills of our call centre teams and the services they provide are always exemplary. After all, it’s the people who deliver your inbound and outbound campaigns who make the difference to your customer’s experience. Because we recruit only candidates with the right fit for our business – those with excellent communication skills and a strong customer service and work ethic, there is minimal risk for your business. By having a dedicated team committed to the care of your customers, you can rest easy that your clientele and your business are in safe hands.

Higher efficiency and flexibility

Having an outsourced customer support team who are there for your customers 24 hours, 7 days a week, provides your business with higher efficiency and increases customer satisfaction as your clients know they can contact you whenever they need. Trained professionals who are available at any time guarantees higher customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to a higher ROI.

To find out more about how we can help you with your customer care and what possibilities you have, get in touch!

The 5 Benefits of SMS Marketing for your Business

Did you know that 95% of customers who have connected with a brand did so using their mobile? With people being more and more occupied by their smartphones, there is an opportunity for you to promote to and communicate with your customers using this medium. SMS marketing is an effective alternative to the traditional modes of B2C (and even B2B) communication.

Instant deliverability

The average time for an SMS to reach the recipient is about 7 seconds, meaning you will reach your target group almost immediately! This gives you one of the greatest benefit of SMS-Marketing; it’s time sensitive. No matter if you want to write a thank you message or a personal and time limited offer, your customer will receive and most likely read your message immediately.

Higher open rates

With email marketing, a 20-30% open rate is considered good. Keeping this in mind, SMS messages reach an opening rate of around 90%. Some even get opened automatically depending on the type of phone your customers have. This kind of reception is of great benefit for you as it is almost guaranteed that your message will be read.


SMS marketing is super flexible in many ways. You can inform your entire customer base or just reach a segmented group for a promotional message or a quick industry update. There are no boundaries in this regard. Having no need for internet connection is one of the key-benefits of SMS Marketing, as you will reach your customers everywhere. You can also easily integrate SMS with your other marketing activities.

Limitless potential

SMS marketing can be a key-point to keeping long-term clients. SMS messages are personal and will give your company a voice without being demanding. This could be, for example, a “thank-you-message” after a sale. These messages are almost guaranteed to be read. SMS messages are so short that before your customer can decide if they should delete it, they have already read the 160-character message! The messages are straight to the point and unlike emails, there’s no risk of SMS messages being stuck in a spam folder. With SMS, your message goes straight to the pockets of your customers.

High response rate

Another benefit of SMS business communication is the remarkably high response rate. With SMS, your customers are able to instantly respond to you, so you’ll know sooner if they’re happy with your products/services or not. The Opt-in and Opt-out function of SMS also ensures the highest possible customer satisfaction and SMS marketing presents a great chance for your business to generate word of mouth.

For more information on SMS marketing and to find out how this might help your business, get in touch!

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