What Can Outbound Sales Do For Your Company?

If your business has reached a plateau and you’re not sure how to generate more leads, consider outbound sales. Outbound sales are so much more than the stereotyped cold calling and bulk spam emails. Outbound sales services introduce new prospects to a struggling business via a number of mediums and go beyond the stereotyped calls and emails! Instead, outbound sales services aims to reach prospective clients who are actually interested in your services at a time and place that suits the client, not when they are just about to sit down to eat. For more information about our outbound sales services, visit our website.

So, how can outbound sales services can help your company?

New Leads

Outbound sales services give your company the opportunity to find new leads for your business. These leads are specifically targeted for your business and not just cold calls to people who are not interested. These new leads will help to generate new customers and increased revenue for your business.

Create Connections

Our outbound sales services are backed by a contact centre full of trained sales professionals. These consultants are able to form connections with your prospects, helping to turn them into ongoing customers. We work hard to ensure the calibre and skills of our call centre teams, and the service they provide, are always exemplary.

At the heart of it, it’s the people who deliver your campaigns who make the difference to your customer’s experience. We recruit only candidates with the right fit for our business – those with excellent communication skills and a strong customer service and work ethic. All of our staff members are expertly trained to provide your business and your customers with excellent service and to create meaningful connections with each of your contacts. A solid connection is often what’s needed to convert leads into sales.

Decrease Training Budget

By hiring a contact centre to manage your outbound sales, you are not only ensuring that you have the best and most professional team possible, you are also decreasing your training budget. An outsourced team are already trained professionals, so you don’t need to worry about training staff from scratch, nor do you need to spend time and money hiring staff and finding somewhere for them to sit. With excellent communication skills, customer service and a solid work ethic, you can rest assured that your campaign is in safe hands. Whether you are a small business or a large one, there will be an outbound sales solution for you.

Cost Saving

Outbound sales services are tailored to your prospective customers. This means that you can utilise digital campaigns if this is what best suits your customers. By having digital campaigns you are able to reduce costs of printing, stationery and door to door sales people. Instead you could take less intrusive steps like SMS, social media, online chat, email and warm calls. Here is how some of these aspects could assist your company.

Online Chat – Websites are the first point of call for a prospective customer. If you only have a contact page you may lose potential leads. Having online chat enabled on your website means that your customers are able to ask questions and receive the information that they need. Your customers receive customer service in real time, without having to wait for a reply to an email.

SMS/Mobile Campaigns – It is very uncommon to find any person today who does not use a mobile phone. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find someone who does not carry one with them where ever they are. This is great news for businesses as it allows you to reach your customers at any time of the day, so you are more likely to find a time that suits them. It also allows you to use it to prompt a call to action or even to confirm a sale. It is also very cost effective. If you are still unsure here are 5 benefits of SMS marketing for your business.

Increased Revenue

At the end of the day, the purpose of any sales strategy is to increase your revenue. Outbound sales services help you to increase your revenue using tried and true methods. This includes fully trained staff who know how to accommodate the needs of your customers while knowing how to close the deal.

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Why phone calls are still an important part of customer service

As technology continues to advance, it is understandable that many people think the main forms of communication are now digital (like emails, text messages and online chat) and that voice communication (like phone calls) are a thing of the past. To some extent this is true as the communications mix is evolving, however despite this, phone calls are as relevant as ever.


Connect with your customers

Phone calls are one of the most beneficial communication channels when it comes to customer service and especially charitable campaigns. Phone calls connect people in real-time and when there is a tough decision to make, people tend to prefer voice communication to any other. Often, customers find it easier to talk with someone over the phone, rather than put their issue in writing. As phone calls are quite personal in nature, customers feel a level of comfort with the agent that they are speaking with, which presents an excellent opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your customers.


Make sales

For NFPs and charitable organisations, phone calls are crucial as the customer service representative on the phone is a direct reflection of your organisation and their portrayal effects yours. If the phone call operative is friendly, informative and understanding, your donors are more likely to give. Likewise for businesses, if the customer gets along well with the phone agent, this is a good reflection of your business and the customer is more likely to make a sale.


Learn from your conversations

One important reason why phone calls are an important part of your customer service is that, when reporting, they provide insights that go further than just numbers. Phone calls can be recorded, listened to and learned from, helping to enhance your other business activities. Recorded phone calls are also an excellent training tool as new staff can learn from previous phone agents.


Hire the best team

In order to have an effective phone call campaign to strengthen your customer service, you need to have the right team. Instead of managing your calls in-house and incurring the related staffing expenses, consider outsourcing your inbound and outbound calls. We can seamlessly handle your inbound enquiries and outbound sales for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Acting as an extension of your own team, we’re always extremely mindful our role is to reflect your reputation and ethos and to meet your callers’ expectations of a prompt, courteous, responsive service.

We pride ourselves on the high calibre and skills of our call centre teams and the services that they provide. At the heart of it, it’s the people who deliver your inbound and outbound call campaigns who make the difference to your customer’s experience. We recruit only candidates with the right fit for our business – those with excellent communication skills and a strong customer service and work ethic. Plus, we keep virtually all services in-house, including our call centre agents, rather than outsourcing. This maintains superior quality control and allows us to stay focused on the details that make the difference for you.

As with anything, you need to choose what is right for you. When planning out your next campaign, have a think about which communication channels are right for your business and will best achieve your objectives.

For more information on our services, or for assistance in selecting the best communications mix for you, get in touch!

How to find new donors for your charity

One of the most common questions for non-profit organisations is how to find new donors. Donations are an essential source of financial revenue and without them, some charities can face issues, so finding contributors can be a matter of survival. However, the question is: How do you find the right donors for your charity?


Read on for 5 tips to find more donors for your not-for-profit organisation.


# Tip 1: Have a web presence for your charity

Nowadays, people spend most of their time on the Internet and on social media. If you want to reach new donors and to increase your visibility, you can use mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to encourage leads and donors to support your cause. Websites and social media are communication platforms where you can post articles, information, photos, videos and call for donations on a regular basis. Your publications should be varied, for example, you could post videos on Mondays, pictures on Wednesday and articles or surveys on Friday. Your messages should get people’s attention so don’t hesitate to arouse emotions. Using a mixture of messages will help to reach the largest pool of people.


# Tip 2: Use your personal contacts and those of your donors

Social networks help people to keep in touch, to comment and like posts and to share publications to their friends and family. When communicating with your donors and potential donors online, remember to encourage them to share your message with their network.


#Tip 3: Use research and analysis to find leads

As a non-profit organisation, it is essential to understand who your donors are, what kind of donations they make and why. A recent study showed that approximately 93% of donations are made by loyal donors, so people who already support your cause, so there is a need to use an efficient and top-notch CRM.

What is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?

A CRM is a software that helps you keep your customer’s contact details up to date, track every interaction they have with your business, and manage their accounts. It’s designed to help you improve your customer relationships and, in turn, customer lifetime value.

#Tip 4: Offer as many choices as possible in the form and timing of the gift

It is extremely important to present as many choices as possible to your clients and prospects. If they want to support your cause, you need to be able to propose several alternatives, and payment methods. This way, you are widening your pool of potential donors and donations, encouraging people to give as much or as little as they can, and as frequently or infrequently as they like.


# Tip 5: Use merchandising campaigns

Merchandising campaigns can be a simple and highly effective way to introduce new donors to your not-for-profit organisation. In fact, many charities say that it’s a big part of their overall acquisition efforts. Of course, whether you’re offering branded pens, pencils, mobile phone casings, t-shirts, calendars and books, you need to stay on top of things. Which is where an outsourced agency can help.

For more information on how your charity can acquire new donors, get in touch! We are happy to walk you through the tailored services that we have for not-for-profits, as well as our new reporting platform. This platform is designed to show you exactly where your money is going and in real-time, so you can keep an eye on the profitability of your campaign every step of the way.

Introducing our new reporting platform

Reporting is incredibly important for all businesses. A key facet of any campaign is the ability to understand what’s working, what could be better, and then responding swiftly to changing client needs. This is why transparent and customised reporting forms a fundamental part of everything we do. To further enhance our current reporting offering, we are pleased to introduce our new Reporting Platform! The best part about our new platform is that it has the capability to show you 100% live data at any time. So, you can see how your campaign is tracking whenever you want.

Thorough reporting and transparency are crucial to the success of all campaigns, which is something that we strongly believe in. Because of this, our new reporting platform focuses on the metrics that you need to see how your campaign is performing. With a focus on total transparency, we are confident that our new reporting platform will provide businesses with 100% visibility across all campaigns.


It covers 100% live data, so you can see exactly what is happening with your campaign and in real time.

Our new reporting platform covers a number of key areas so you can easily see where your money is going.

These features include:

With our reporting platform, you’ll receive reports that give the greatest level of transparency to ensure you always have an accurate understanding of your campaign’s performance. With your own personal login, you can access your business’s reports at the touch of a button. Whether its reviewing the performance of a current campaign or reviewing banking reports from previous campaigns, you can rest assured knowing that all the relevant information is safely saved in the one location.

To help you keep track of your campaigns month-on-month, you can access monthly reports that have an overview of how much was spent, where the dollars went, which days of the week were more active than others and more. These metrics allow you to properly analyse the performance of your campaign and make any tweaks as necessary.

Don’t miss a thing

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Here’s why you should outsource your Data Entry & Data Services

If you are looking for a way to improve and innovate your business, consider outsourcing your data services in order to be able to completely focus on your core business. Managing data services can use a lot of resources, so instead, consider outsourcing these activities. Read on to find out more:

Up-to-date Technology

By hiring IT experts to store and share your sensitive data, you will always be up to date. Not only will the hardware used by the provider be modern, but also their software systems and staff will be updated about future improvements and enhancements. This provides high performance service and quick outputs.

Lower operational costs and cost control

Having an internal data centre will cost you a lot more than just your employees’ time. Having a data service provider means that you will have remarkable lower labour, infrastructure, operational and technological costs. If you set up your own data centre, you probably won’t be able to foresee all incidental costs for the set-up and the future of your data centre. By outsourcing the data centre, you won’t have to worry about recruitment, training, utilities, equipment or additional staff.  You will only have a transparent fee that helps you control your resources. External data services have proven themselves to be more resource-friendly, especially for small to mid-tier organisations.

Compliance Issues and Data Security

With an external safety provider, there’s no need to worry about the security of your data. Data Service providers work at the highest safety level to meet the strictest compliance standards. Experts take care of your sensitive data and will remove this problem from any organisation while you focus on your core business.

Time factor

When outsourcing your data systems, you will not only avoid a lot of headaches in your IT-Department but you will also save a lot of time. There won’t be any employees spending time on cleaning up the administration worrying about deadlines. Since hiring a provider won’t cost you much time, but a complete set-up will, you’ll have immediate and quick data-access. You will enjoy faster turnaround time of data and a quicker output.

For more information about how OneContact can help you outsource your business activities, get in touch!

Top reasons to outsource your customer service

When it comes to customer care, there are many challenges that you can face. As customer satisfaction is integral to the smooth operation of any business, it’s important to make sure your customers are dealt with swiftly and treated with the utmost respect. Often, it can take a lot of time, money and resources to train an internal team to respond to customer concerns and queries. Instead, consider outsourcing your customer care and utilising the existing skills and expertise of these teams.

Since 2002, we’ve been handling customer service for our clients and have come across many benefits that this brings for companies. Read on for our list of top benefits for outsourcing your customer support.

Cost efficiency

To train and manage an internal customer care team, you are spending a lot more than just money. Outsourcing your customer service instead will actually save you time, money and resources, freeing up your budget and your staff members for other activities.

Focus on your core business

By hiring an external customer support team, your staff members are free to focus on your core business with the peace of mind that your customers are well taken care of. Instead of dealing with the day-to-day queries and concerns of you customers, specially trained customer service officers can handle this process for you.

Risk Management

At OneContact, we work hard to ensure that the calibre and skills of our call centre teams and the services they provide are always exemplary. After all, it’s the people who deliver your inbound and outbound campaigns who make the difference to your customer’s experience. Because we recruit only candidates with the right fit for our business – those with excellent communication skills and a strong customer service and work ethic, there is minimal risk for your business. By having a dedicated team committed to the care of your customers, you can rest easy that your clientele and your business are in safe hands.

Higher efficiency and flexibility

Having an outsourced customer support team who are there for your customers 24 hours, 7 days a week, provides your business with higher efficiency and increases customer satisfaction as your clients know they can contact you whenever they need. Trained professionals who are available at any time guarantees higher customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to a higher ROI.

To find out more about how we can help you with your customer care and what possibilities you have, get in touch!

6 reasons why charities benefit from outbound telemarketing

It is challenging to pick the best channels to invest your outbound fundraising effort in. Here are 6 reasons why outbound telemarketing is a great option for not-for-profit organisations.

1) Offer a personal touch

By having an outbound team on the phone, you give a voice to your organisation and you are able to create a personal relationship with your donors and potential donors. Talking to someone will make your donors feel special and give them the opportunity to ask questions so they feel at ease contributing to your organisation.

2) Qualify your prospects

Through outbound telemarketing you can qualify your prospects quickly and easily. Having qualified leads will save you time and money and make your fundraising effort more productive. Don’t waste your resources following bad leads! Early lead qualification is essential to make sure you follow the right target group and maximise your budget.

3) Overcome objections

When talking to a potential donor, you have the opportunity to identify what is important to them and what their objections might be. That way, you can easily build trust and you will be able to remove any obstacles. Further, while on the phone, your message can be adjusted to the donor’s responses, which is something that direct mail or emails can’t do.

4) Clean your Database

Outbound telemarketing is an excellent way to clean your records and update your database of donors. This will dramatically increase your productivity, as no time will be wasted on incorrect details. It will increase your contact rate and as a result it will maximise your donations.

5) Promote all your activities

An outbound telemarketing team can support your fundraising efforts in many ways. They can promote your raffles, sell your merchandise or engage people in regular giving.  It is a versatile channel that is driven by results.

6) Increase efficiency

Using a professional telemarketing team, you can speak to hundreds of potential donors in a very short amount of time. The speed at which you can reach people is one of the key success factors of outbound telemarketing.

Overall, you’ll find that having a professional outbound telemarketing team will increase your productivity; it will help build your credibility and will increase your chances of donations.

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