How to Run Your Most Successful Outbound Contact Centre Campaign?

You have just started an outbound contact centre campaign and you are not sure about prospecting and not quite sure if you are doing the right thing. You keep questioning whether or not you are reaching your target market and if your team knows what they are doing. The options are endless and it can all seem a little daunting. To help you out, here are a few tips on how to run your most successful outbound contact centre campaign.

Know your Prospects

Many times you will find that you are contacting people who you know a little about, but are not sure about many of their details. This is where you need to do your research. Are the people you plan to contact actual prospects or just a list of names you have collected over time? Knowing if the prospect is in fact in your target market will increase the chance for conversion.

For example, if I were to sell a make-up range I would not be wanting to contact middle aged men to sell my products to. They are likely to receive an email and send it straight to their trash or even spam.

Knowing who your prospects are also includes knowing where they are located. If you are targeting your local community then you won’t market to potential customers living in another state. Again, you will also want to do some research to make sure that the location of your prospective customers matches your target market.

You also want to know when the best time to reach your prospect will be. Do they prefer morning, afternoon or the evening? Would they rather an email over a phone call or a text message? These are all the things you will need to research so that you run your most successful outbound contact centre campaign.


Have a plan A and a plan B

You will have a script in place so that you are able to train your team on how to interact with your prospective customers. This should only be used as a teaching tool, not a strict stick to the script each and every time occurrence. You should ensure that these training scripts give your team different options to discuss, should your prospect not react in a predictable manner. This will allow your team to feel more comfortable in different situations and respond in the best way possible.

You will also need to remind them that the interaction still needs to be personal. When your team sound like a robot just trying to rattle off a list of things to say, then you could be doing more harm than good. Encouraging your team to make the interaction personal will build a stronger relationship with your prospects. This will also increase the success of your outbound call campaign.


Know your KPIs

A key performance indicator (KPI) allows you to set your business goals. These then allow you to see whether or not they have been achieved. This is important for a successful outbound contact centre campaign as it shows you what has worked and what hasn’t. A key to being successful is knowing what is working so you can keep doing it, and even improving on it. It is also a good idea to know what isn’t working so that you can make changes and become better.


Train Your Team

One of the most important factors for a successful outbound contact centre campaign is making sure your team has all the training they need to succeed. This could include finding a contact agent who has shown great success and getting other team members to shadow them. This is similar to a mentoring program.

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The benefits of a Successful Mobile Campaign for your Business

Smartphone penetration has never been more prevalent and accordingly, mobile marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Mobile is the most immediate communication channel for the majority of our clients, offering the ability to connect with their customers and supporters at any time. Read on to find out the benefits of a successful mobile campaign.


Transactional Message

When a person orders online, follow up emails are sent to confirm order details. These emails are not always read. Yet, we have an opportunity to send this same message directly to their phone.


It has been found that 99% of SMS messages are opened as opposed to around 28% for emails! For important information that you want your customers to see, include it in your mobile campaign. Make sure your message communicates your brand values and promotes your business campaigns.


Confirmation Messages

When a person signs up for an event online, an SMS message can be sent to confirm their attendance and again when it’s time to remind them about the forthcoming event. It’s imperative that a subscriber or a customer receives a confirmation message once they have opted for a campaign. Confirmation messages can be easily sent when they opt-in to receive text messages and are interested in the services provided by the business.


Triggering Messages

When your customer signs up for a newsletter or clicks on a specific link, it can trigger your mobile campaign to send them a message. These messages can be timed and is particularly useful for online stores where a transaction wasn’t completed. Just send them a reminder for them to complete their order a day or two later.


Triggered messages are useful to maintain a strong relationship with your active and loyal users by encouraging them to stick around and keep being engaged with your brand.


Reminder Messages

For charities, reminder text messages can be used to prompt your supporters to make a payment, visit your website, attend a local event, or participate in a charitable activity.


Reminder messages ensures that your customers don’t forget about the event or activities they signed up for. Reminder messages allows your customers to receive text messages whenever an appointment is scheduled, rescheduled, or cancelled, and prior to appointments taking place.


Make It Personal

Adding a conversational touch or even using the recipient’s name personalises and enhances the feel of your message.


We continue to expand our mobile capabilities to ensure that you’re able to maximise this vital communication platform. Whether it’s an immediate confirmation of a sale or used to prompt a supporter to make payment, SMS messages are an affordable way to connect with your supporters.

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What Can Outbound Sales Do For Your Company?

If your business has reached a plateau and you’re not sure how to generate more leads, consider outbound sales. Outbound sales are so much more than the stereotyped cold calling and bulk spam emails. Outbound sales services introduce new prospects to a struggling business via a number of mediums and go beyond the stereotyped calls and emails! Instead, outbound sales services aims to reach prospective clients who are actually interested in your services at a time and place that suits the client, not when they are just about to sit down to eat. For more information about our outbound sales services, visit our website.

So, how can outbound sales services can help your company?

New Leads

Outbound sales services give your company the opportunity to find new leads for your business. These leads are specifically targeted for your business and not just cold calls to people who are not interested. These new leads will help to generate new customers and increased revenue for your business.

Create Connections

Our outbound sales services are backed by a contact centre full of trained sales professionals. These consultants are able to form connections with your prospects, helping to turn them into ongoing customers. We work hard to ensure the calibre and skills of our call centre teams, and the service they provide, are always exemplary.

At the heart of it, it’s the people who deliver your campaigns who make the difference to your customer’s experience. We recruit only candidates with the right fit for our business – those with excellent communication skills and a strong customer service and work ethic. All of our staff members are expertly trained to provide your business and your customers with excellent service and to create meaningful connections with each of your contacts. A solid connection is often what’s needed to convert leads into sales.

Decrease Training Budget

By hiring a contact centre to manage your outbound sales, you are not only ensuring that you have the best and most professional team possible, you are also decreasing your training budget. An outsourced team are already trained professionals, so you don’t need to worry about training staff from scratch, nor do you need to spend time and money hiring staff and finding somewhere for them to sit. With excellent communication skills, customer service and a solid work ethic, you can rest assured that your campaign is in safe hands. Whether you are a small business or a large one, there will be an outbound sales solution for you.

Cost Saving

Outbound sales services are tailored to your prospective customers. This means that you can utilise digital campaigns if this is what best suits your customers. By having digital campaigns you are able to reduce costs of printing, stationery and door to door sales people. Instead you could take less intrusive steps like SMS, social media, online chat, email and warm calls. Here is how some of these aspects could assist your company.

Online Chat – Websites are the first point of call for a prospective customer. If you only have a contact page you may lose potential leads. Having online chat enabled on your website means that your customers are able to ask questions and receive the information that they need. Your customers receive customer service in real time, without having to wait for a reply to an email.

SMS/Mobile Campaigns – It is very uncommon to find any person today who does not use a mobile phone. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find someone who does not carry one with them where ever they are. This is great news for businesses as it allows you to reach your customers at any time of the day, so you are more likely to find a time that suits them. It also allows you to use it to prompt a call to action or even to confirm a sale. It is also very cost effective. If you are still unsure here are 5 benefits of SMS marketing for your business.

Increased Revenue

At the end of the day, the purpose of any sales strategy is to increase your revenue. Outbound sales services help you to increase your revenue using tried and true methods. This includes fully trained staff who know how to accommodate the needs of your customers while knowing how to close the deal.

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Why phone calls are still an important part of customer service

As technology continues to advance, it is understandable that many people think the main forms of communication are now digital (like emails, text messages and online chat) and that voice communication (like phone calls) are a thing of the past. To some extent this is true as the communications mix is evolving, however despite this, phone calls are as relevant as ever.


Connect with your customers

Phone calls are one of the most beneficial communication channels when it comes to customer service and especially charitable campaigns. Phone calls connect people in real-time and when there is a tough decision to make, people tend to prefer voice communication to any other. Often, customers find it easier to talk with someone over the phone, rather than put their issue in writing. As phone calls are quite personal in nature, customers feel a level of comfort with the agent that they are speaking with, which presents an excellent opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your customers.


Make sales

For NFPs and charitable organisations, phone calls are crucial as the customer service representative on the phone is a direct reflection of your organisation and their portrayal effects yours. If the phone call operative is friendly, informative and understanding, your donors are more likely to give. Likewise for businesses, if the customer gets along well with the phone agent, this is a good reflection of your business and the customer is more likely to make a sale.


Learn from your conversations

One important reason why phone calls are an important part of your customer service is that, when reporting, they provide insights that go further than just numbers. Phone calls can be recorded, listened to and learned from, helping to enhance your other business activities. Recorded phone calls are also an excellent training tool as new staff can learn from previous phone agents.


Hire the best team

In order to have an effective phone call campaign to strengthen your customer service, you need to have the right team. Instead of managing your calls in-house and incurring the related staffing expenses, consider outsourcing your inbound and outbound calls. We can seamlessly handle your inbound enquiries and outbound sales for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Acting as an extension of your own team, we’re always extremely mindful our role is to reflect your reputation and ethos and to meet your callers’ expectations of a prompt, courteous, responsive service.

We pride ourselves on the high calibre and skills of our call centre teams and the services that they provide. At the heart of it, it’s the people who deliver your inbound and outbound call campaigns who make the difference to your customer’s experience. We recruit only candidates with the right fit for our business – those with excellent communication skills and a strong customer service and work ethic. Plus, we keep virtually all services in-house, including our call centre agents, rather than outsourcing. This maintains superior quality control and allows us to stay focused on the details that make the difference for you.

As with anything, you need to choose what is right for you. When planning out your next campaign, have a think about which communication channels are right for your business and will best achieve your objectives.

For more information on our services, or for assistance in selecting the best communications mix for you, get in touch!

Common Inbound Contact Centre Services that Businesses Today Need

Upholding an effective channel of communication with clients is important for any business and helps to make customers feel welcome and valued.

Efficient and prompt inbound customer care from customer service representatives who really understand your product or service is just as important as having a great product or service. Inbound contact centre services relieve operational and infrastructural costs drastically, which is beneficial for any organisation as it increases customer satisfaction.

Customer service

When a customer calls your company with a service request or an inquiry, customer service operators help them with their queries. Whether it’s a reservation, enrollment, an ordering issue or another request, professionally trained customer service agents know how to address these requests. Excellent customer service is the backbone of a successful business.

Answering service

Answering your clients’ queries is an incredibly vital task! To free up your internal staff members, consider outsourcing your answering service. This will save you time and money and ensure that your customers are receiving the care that they need.

Inquiry handling

Inquiry handling is the key function of any inbound contact centre. Detailed information regarding a particular product or service is provided so that the customer’s enquiry can be answered in a satisfactory manner. The inbound contact centre offers all the information that a customer requires, through the intricate understanding of the products and services. Inbound contact centres facilitate businesses to reach out to customers and can immediately resolve any issues.

Sales lead qualification

Increasing Qualified Sales Leads in your organisation is challenging. As your business is growing, so are the increasing demands to hit your sales goal. For your sales funnel to grow, it is essential to generate highly qualified sales leads through business to business (B2B) telemarketing.

Our experts at OneContact will assist in generating qualified sales leads that will meet and exceed your expectations and increase your sales.

Helpdesk solution

The ever-increasing customer expectations and demands call for a prompt response together with an exceptional quality of service. In any business, the help desk is the central hub through which any problems and issues are reported and resolved. Businesses need a help desk with built-in call centre capabilities. Inbound contact centres provide solutions to customers and provides a superior customer service.

Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing aims to arouse an immediate response from a customer, such as being directed to a website, picking up the phone to call for more information or placing an order. Inbound contact centres help support direct response marketing by being available to answer calls and queries from customers. The person handling incoming calls must be efficient and able to handle conversations in an appropriate manner. These skills are developed during our thorough training process.


OneContact represents your brand name at all times and ensures that your customers will keep coming back to your business.

Here at OneContact, we place a large emphasis on high quality and continuous improvement of our inbound contact centre services. Our high-tech infrastructure, skilled call centre professionals and usage of latest telecommunication software helps us to provide quick and efficient contact centre support and phone answering services 24/7 that are specifically designed for your customers.

Representatives in our contact centre have undergone thorough training, which helps them to understand your systems, processes, needs and requirements. Our inbound contact centre services provide everything that your business could need, such as customer service, order taking, billing inquiries, customer care, telesales and resolving problems. We boost your customer care, which in turn helps you to focus on critical issues and for you to enjoy the cost savings and benefits.

OneContact caters to your individual needs and requirements and we are committed to working as your partner to realise your business goals. For further information, contact us today!

Introducing our new reporting platform

Reporting is incredibly important for all businesses. A key facet of any campaign is the ability to understand what’s working, what could be better, and then responding swiftly to changing client needs. This is why transparent and customised reporting forms a fundamental part of everything we do. To further enhance our current reporting offering, we are pleased to introduce our new Reporting Platform! The best part about our new platform is that it has the capability to show you 100% live data at any time. So, you can see how your campaign is tracking whenever you want.

Thorough reporting and transparency are crucial to the success of all campaigns, which is something that we strongly believe in. Because of this, our new reporting platform focuses on the metrics that you need to see how your campaign is performing. With a focus on total transparency, we are confident that our new reporting platform will provide businesses with 100% visibility across all campaigns.


It covers 100% live data, so you can see exactly what is happening with your campaign and in real time.

Our new reporting platform covers a number of key areas so you can easily see where your money is going.

These features include:

With our reporting platform, you’ll receive reports that give the greatest level of transparency to ensure you always have an accurate understanding of your campaign’s performance. With your own personal login, you can access your business’s reports at the touch of a button. Whether its reviewing the performance of a current campaign or reviewing banking reports from previous campaigns, you can rest assured knowing that all the relevant information is safely saved in the one location.

To help you keep track of your campaigns month-on-month, you can access monthly reports that have an overview of how much was spent, where the dollars went, which days of the week were more active than others and more. These metrics allow you to properly analyse the performance of your campaign and make any tweaks as necessary.

Don’t miss a thing

To find out more or to book in your free demonstration, visit our website.

This is why your business needs to implement online chat

Today, there are so many different ways to communicate with your customers. There’s email, social media, phone calls and SMS just to name a few. Of course, the perfect mix of communication mediums depends on your business industry. What suits one business might not necessarily suit another. One communication medium that should be considered by any business that sells products, involves customers filling in their details, or that simply provides customers with information, is online chat.

Customer Satisfaction

The popularity of Online Chat between customers and businesses is on the rise, and it’s clear to see why. Unlike email communication, online chat is in real time and is significantly impacting customer satisfaction. In the last year alone, the amount of people who used online chat to communicate with companies increased from 54% to 58%, and of those people, 62% said they are more likely to purchase from the site again. Additionally, 38% of customers said they made a purchase due to the chat session itself!

The key to your business’ long-lasting success is the happiness of your customers and online chat can help you achieve this. With online chat, customers are able to seek help and provide feedback to your company in an easy and hassle free way. For a business, you have the chance to connect with your customers with a more human touch and provide them with real-time assistance. With easy and instant responses, it’s no wonder that online chat, rather than email or telephone, is the preferred channel of communication for customers.

One benefit for your customers with online chat is that they are able to multitask while chatting with a customer support agent. This flexibility gives your customer the opportunity to proceed further with their online task all while obtaining the necessary information. This also means that your customer can ask a customer service agent any additional questions that might come up as they progress through their sale/application. A huge benefit for your customers with online chat is that they don’t need to dial a number, select multiple different options to access the correct phone operator before finally receiving adequate advice. When using online chat, customer satisfaction and retention increases because it’s simple, direct, and there’s minimal, or often no, transferring of operators. Additionally, online chat is instant, whereas email communication can take 24 or more hours for a response.

Customer Retention

In today’s day and age where information is everywhere, it is easy for your customers to get lost. By having an online chat feature on your website, your customers are able to instantly connect with you and easily receive the answers that they are looking for, without all the hassle. Through online chat, you are able to ensure customer retention and provide important information to your customers. Additionally, if your customers are happy with the level of service that they receive, they are more likely to refer your company to others!

To ensure that you are providing your customers with the best service possible, you can easily access old online chat logs to read what did and didn’t work, provide staff with any necessary training and swiftly resolve any issues.

Sales enhancement

With increased customer satisfaction, retention and potential referrals, it’s no wonder that your sales are likely increase. By providing your customers with a customer service operative who can walk them through their sale, you are ensuring customer happiness and also helping to make sure full shopping carts make it to checkout. Not to mention those customer referrals!

Reduced Service Costs

Online chat is quick and easy to set-up and at low cost, especially compared to email and phone support. The cost per interaction is low and online chat has very quick response times. By having multiple chats and pre-written answers you can save time and a single agent can handle up to 10 customers at once. Overall, the use of live chat can, in general, save a lot of money and time. To further your cost savings, consider blending online chat with a range of our other complementary services.

If you’d like to talk to us about how an online chat solution can help your business, get in touch.

Why you should consider an inbound bundle for your business

Often when people hear “call centre” or even “contact centre” they think telemarketing, which isn’t unreasonable. A lot of what we do is telemarketing, however it is so much more than just outbound calling.

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you can’t have a full staff meeting in case the phone rings? What about when people call outside of business hours or during really busy periods? What happens to their calls? Often, the answer is nothing.

Instead of missing out on important calls, consider hiring an outsourced company to answer your incoming calls. This way, you can have peace of mind that your phones will be answered by a professional team in your absence, and your customers won’t know the difference.

There are a number of benefits to hiring a company to take your inbound calls.

One of which is that it actually saves you money. If you had to hire someone internally to answer the phones while your regular operator was busy or absent, it could cost you a lot more than hiring an external party to do this for you.

Another benefit is that hiring an external company to take your inbound calls, frees up your staff members for important meetings and other tasks. This means that your staff members won’t miss out on their regular duties and they will still be able to participate in full-staff events.

As every business and every business’s needs are different, we’ve developed three separate inbound service bundles. The best part? We can seamlessly handle your inbound enquiries 24 hours, 7 days a week, ensuring that you never miss an important call.

To ensure that we provide the high level of service possible, our staff go through rigorous training and development to ensure that we know exactly how to communicate to your customers and exactly what they need. So you can rest assured, your customers will be in the best hands possible.

One of the things we take pride in is our customer service, and this extends from our clients right through to their customers.

Each call bundle comes with a range of different options for how we handle the call. For example, you might like the call forwarded to you, or maybe you would like an email with the caller’s details. Whatever your preference, we have a service to suit you.

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