6 reasons why charities benefit from outbound telemarketing

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It is challenging to pick the best channels to invest your outbound fundraising effort in. Here are 6 reasons why outbound telemarketing is a great option for not-for-profit organisations.

1) Offer a personal touch

By having an outbound team on the phone, you give a voice to your organisation and you are able to create a personal relationship with your donors and potential donors. Talking to someone will make your donors feel special and give them the opportunity to ask questions so they feel at ease contributing to your organisation.

2) Qualify your prospects

Through outbound telemarketing you can qualify your prospects quickly and easily. Having qualified leads will save you time and money and make your fundraising effort more productive. Don’t waste your resources following bad leads! Early lead qualification is essential to make sure you follow the right target group and maximise your budget.

3) Overcome objections

When talking to a potential donor, you have the opportunity to identify what is important to them and what their objections might be. That way, you can easily build trust and you will be able to remove any obstacles. Further, while on the phone, your message can be adjusted to the donor’s responses, which is something that direct mail or emails can’t do.

4) Clean your Database

Outbound telemarketing is an excellent way to clean your records and update your database of donors. This will dramatically increase your productivity, as no time will be wasted on incorrect details. It will increase your contact rate and as a result it will maximise your donations.

5) Promote all your activities

An outbound telemarketing team can support your fundraising efforts in many ways. They can promote your raffles, sell your merchandise or engage people in regular giving.  It is a versatile channel that is driven by results.

6) Increase efficiency

Using a professional telemarketing team, you can speak to hundreds of potential donors in a very short amount of time. The speed at which you can reach people is one of the key success factors of outbound telemarketing.

Overall, you’ll find that having a professional outbound telemarketing team will increase your productivity; it will help build your credibility and will increase your chances of donations.

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