4 Essential Considerations When It Comes To SMS Marketing

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Most people are rarely apart from their smart phones, relying on them throughout the day. With so many means of communication available for us at our fingertips, SMS is still the fastest and most direct method of communication.

This is no different for companies and brands. With remarkably high open rates, SMS marketing provides immediate results and tops the ranking on customer engagement for brands globally.

But before you launch your new SMS Marketing campaign there are four things you will need to consider.

  1. Target the right audience at the right time – Don’t send blanket marketing to everyone. Target the message to the audience that will be interested and engaged, minimising the possibility of annoying your audience and risking the chance of them opting out.   
  2. Call to Action – the best marketing campaigns are those that drive an action. Keep the message short and concise and linked directly to your website. For example: Acme Co. 30% off EVERYTHING. Flash sale start now. 4 days only! End Sun 27th Oct. Open late Thurs. Shop in store or www.acmeco.com.au.. To opt out SMS stop.
  3. Report and optimise – Reporting and optimisation are vital in understanding whether your campaign was successful and gauging what you could improve on next time. Once you have sent an SMS you will need to measure replies, click through rates and open rates to determine the success of your campaign and providing the analytics necessary to optimise campaigns moving forward.
  4. Work within the law – Unsubscribes must not be forgotten when managing your SMS marketing campaign. Communication from businesses via SMS, just like email marketing, is deemed a ‘commercial electronic message’ and must adhere to the Spam Act 2003.

OneContact’s SMS broadcast platform provides a number of SMS opt out options for our customers.

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